Citrix/Terminal Server Survey

For those of you running the GroupWise client on Citrix or Terminal Server, can you get me some info about your environment for some research we’re doing?

  • Version of GroupWise
  • Version of Windows Server
  • Version of Citrix, if applicable
  • Whether or not you plan on moving to Windows 2008
  • Number of users you have (this is the most important question of the survey actually!)

You can post as a comment here if you like, or send an email to Thanks!



Citrix/Terminal Server Survey — 2 Comments

  1. Version of GroupWise : 8.0
    Version of Windows Server: 2003 & 2008
    Version of Citrix, if applicable: NA
    Whether or not you plan on moving to Windows 2008: Already have for 2 of 5 servers.
    Number of users you have: 160

  2. Groupwise Server 8
    Clients 7.0.4 Build 1401
    just migrated the server

    Windows Server 2003 Enterprise SP2
    Citrix PS 4
    No plan fpr win2008 yet
    Users ~530