GroupWise 2014: Getting there

GroupWise 2014 has been out for about 6 weeks now, and we’ve been contacted by many customers asking about our experiences, and how they can most effectively get from where they are (often still on NetWare) to where they want to be with GroupWise 2014.


Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici, /

Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici, /


We’d like to help you cut through the maze of options, information, questions and concerns about your upgrade to GroupWise 2014.  Not only have we done hundreds of GroupWise upgrades over the course of our careers, we’re right in the trenches with GroupWise 2014.  Here are a few ways we can assist with your migration/upgrade.

The Caledonia Upgrade Guide for GroupWise 2014

Can you believe that we’ve been writing upgrade guides since GroupWise 6.0?  These guides are designed to give a confident GroupWise administrator step-by-step instructions on how to implement new GroupWise versions.  We not only give you a step-by-step upgrade guide, but also provide you with insight all along the way so that you can understand what has changed, why, and how to deal with the new changes without headache.  These guides are available for in-place upgrades, moving from one server to another (including moving from NetWare), in both PDF and print versions.  Click Here to find out more about these guides.

The Caledonia GroupWise Power Administrators Resource

While we believe our upgrade guides are very thorough, we also realize that sometimes folks just need a bit more help, or simply want to know all they can about their GroupWise system.  To better serve those customers, we have created the Caledonia GroupWise Power Administrators Resource. This membership site will give you benefits beyond our upgrade guides.  Any administrator who joins with at least a quarterly membership, will receive the PDF guides for free (monthly members will receive the guides when their second monthly payment has been made).  Not only are our upgrade guides included, but also all the other PDF versions of books with Danita Zanrè as author or co-author.  That includes the GroupWise Mobility Service Guide, Moving GroupWise, and any other books she writes in the future.  Additionally, members receive monthly members only webinars, replays of all earlier webinars, video how-tos, private wiki and more.  If you are contemplating a GroupWise 2014 upgrade, and feel like you could benefit from some additional assistance, this is the place to be.  Click Here to check it all out.

Personalized GroupWise Consulting

We also provide comprehensive consulting to get you where you want to go.  Last year, we did over 50 GroupWise upgrades, and all but one were remote.  Here’s a little link to our Facebook album that shows some of the locations we “visited” (you need not have a Facebook account to see these pictures.  We can provide remote consulting through your own VPN or remote access solution, or our own online methods.  Thus, even if you have no reliable remote access solution, we’ll make it happen!

What types of services do we provide?  Other than procuring your hardware and licenses, we will do your GroupWise upgrade from start to finish (we’ve even assisted folks with putting the DVD in a new physical server and walking through an installation until we could get to the point to bind an IP address and get remote access), or any part that you choose.  You might ask that we look over your plan and give you recommendations.  You might choose to have a thorough health-check of your current system before you jump in.  You might want us to come in after you have installed your server and are ready for the final GroupWise upgrade (and/or migration).  No GroupWise consulting job is too small or too large.  You do what you are comfortable with, and we’ll do the rest.  And, if you are a member of the Caledonia GroupWise Power Administrators Resource, our consulting rates will be discounted 15% for you!


We’d love to “get you there”.  Just click our “Contact Us” link on the menu, and we’ll get the conversation started!

Happy GroupWising!


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