GWAVACon is just around the corner

I have to say that I had such a great time at GWAVACon this year. Part of it was because I’m still a San Diego girl at heart and I got to see some old friends, but mostly it was because I just really like this conference. Over the years it has grown so far past being just a “GWAVA” conference into being a vital can’t miss “GroupWise” conference. I love BrainShare for all of the bustle and excitement and being able to stretch my brain into areas that I don’t often look at holed up in my GroupWise World. But GWAVACon is where I want to be when I need a real GroupWise shot in the arm. For me as a speaker that means some one-on-one time with folks I “chat” with in my virtual world all year long, taking the time to appreciate some face time and discussions with my peers/friends/family. For attendees there is plenty of that as well. Certainly seeing that you are part of a bigger GroupWise family is heartening. But the pure “GroupWise” knowledge and expertise that GWAVACon gathers together cannot be matched at any other conference.

So why not join me there in January? This year the conference is in Las Vegas (near enough to the strip to give you other diversions if the sheer thrill of GroupWise is not enough), the last week of January. Run over to and register! They are having an early-bird special through December 6, 2008. Plus you can get an extra $100.00 off by putting “goddess” in the discount code area.

As far as what I will speak on this year, I’m still up for suggestions. Drop a comment here and let me know what you’d like to hear about!


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