GWMigrate for migrating Exchange to GroupWise has been updated

We’re happy to announce that GWMigrate, the Utility from KSJ Software has been updated. ¬†Check out the great details:

GWMigrate works by reading the folders within a user’s Outlook mailbox or PST, and recreating that structure in a GroupWise. GWMigrate interfaces with the Outlook client to read information from an Exchange Server or PST file, and interfaces with the GroupWise client to recreate the information in GroupWise.

Currently supported versions of Outlook are 2003, 2007 & 2010

Currently supported versions of GroupWise are 7, 8 & 2012

GWMigrate currently only runs on either Windows XP or Windows Server 2003.

The following items are transferred from the existing mailbox or PST to the new GroupWise mailbox:

Emails, Appointments (including recurring), Contacts, Tasks, Documents, Posted Items and Notes*.

Recurring appointments are recreated as individual appointments in GroupWise. The word recurring is appended to the subject of the appointment. All Outlook recurrence patterns are supported, as well as exceptions to recurrence patterns.

File and embedded message attachments are also supported (embedded OLE attachments are not supported). Message attachments are converted to GroupWise messages, which means that multiple nested messages (i.e messages forward as attachments several times) can be migrated.

The following are some of the key features in v4:

  • In addition to live data, Archived data stored in PST files can also be migrated to a GroupWise account.
  • Public Folder migration allows you to select individual folders to be migrated. Public Folders can be to migrated directly into a GroupWise resource.
  • Individual documents stored in Outlook folders are migrated.
  • Embedded message attachments are migrated as GroupWise message attachments.
  • Message priority and privacy settings are maintained.
  • Free/Busy information on appointments is migrated.
  • Date filtering, plus the option to migrate all day appointments as notes.
  • Improved Migration Engine Migrates Data Faster Than Previous Versions
  • Category Support
  • Unicode Support
  • HTML Support
  • Additional Contact Fields Are Migrated
  • The Name Of The Folder Containing The Migrated Items In GroupWise Can Now Be Specified
  • Items Can Be Migrated Directly To The GroupWise Cabinet
  • Contents Of The Outlook Mailbox Can Be Migrated Directly To The GroupWise Inbox
  • Draft Items Can Be Migrated Directly To The GroupWise WIP Folder
  • Personal Distribution Lists Can Be Migrated

Migrations can be performed one account at a time, or an automated bulk migration can be performed using a CSV file containing a list of the accounts/PSTs to be migrated.

*As GWMigrate uses the Outlook client to perform the migration, items that cannot be opened normally in the Outlook client, may not be completely migrated.

You can download a trial version of the product which has all the functionality of the full product, but hides the contents of every fifth email it migrates.  Click here for trial download.

Find out more about the product and pricing here.

Happy migrating!!



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