Syncing GroupWise to the iPhone

Toffa has officially released its GroupWiseSync utility to the GroupWiseSync store.

I’ve been playing with the utility the past few days, and it is a very nice and economical way to get your GroupWise calendar, contacts and tasks to your iPhone.

Perhaps the most important feature of GroupWiseSync is the synchronization of GroupWise tasks to the iPhone.  This alone is worth the very reasonable price of $14.99 for the iPhone app, and the small annual fee for the subscription (or even a lifetime subscription if you like!).

For those of us accustomed to automated synchronization, there are some disappointments of course.  Apple has not given developers the mechanism to provide for background applications, so there is no “automatic” or “polled” synchronization of items.  You must manually initiate a synchronization each time you wish to send items from the iPhone to the GroupWise master mailbox, or when you wish to update your phone with changes made in GroupWise.

Also, since Apple has not opened the calendar API to developers, GroupWiseSync must use it’s own calendar application.  Now, this in and of itself has some benefits, because the calendar layouts for GroupWiseSync are very nice.  However, not synchronizing to the iPhone calendar also means no calendar alarms on the iPhone.  For someone who has learned to rely on such things, I need the NotifyLink synchronization directly to the iPhone calendar app.

It’s possible that both the background synchronization issues, and the calendar alarms will be address with version 3.0 of the iPhone software, expected this summer.  In the meantime, GroupWiseSync still has a lot to offer!

If you’ve been looking for an app like this, I suggest you run over to the GroupWiseSync store and get GroupWiseSync by Toffa!


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