The GroupWise “Family”

As many of you know, I’ve been doing “GroupWise” since WordPerfect Office 2.0. I’ll admit it – that was 18 years ago (I was a child of course!). And over the years, I’ve come to think of the GroupWise community as part of my extended “family.” Many of the people I know in the GroupWise world have been around as long (some even longer) than I have, and we’ve weathered the ups and downs of this business and still gather for the “family reunions” a number of times a year at BrainShare, Advisor Summit, GWAVACon, etc. Indeed, I missed the “Burkett Family Reunion” this year, because I had made a prior commitment to my “GroupWise Family” to be at BrainShare (I think they will forgive me – just this once)!

So, imagine my surprise when yesterday an order notification from my shopping cart caught my eye. We’ve sold products to all 50 States, and 67 countries and territories throughout the world. One would hardly think that an order from Bakersfield, California would pique my interest! But interest me it did. The purchaser hardly knows me as a “goddess”, GroupWise or otherwise. He more than likely thinks of me as that bratty cousin whose presence he had to endure many summers when I spent time with him and his sister Dana! My cousin Jon purchased the GroupWise 7 Upgrade Guide yesterday for a colleague, not even realizing that he was on my website until he received the order confirmation.

The GroupWise “Family” has suddenly taken on a new meaning 🙂

Happy Friday to all of the Family!


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