Update on running GroupWise 7 clients with 8.01 backend

Back in October we wrote a blog post about GroupWise 7 clients with an 8.01 backend.  At the time we reported a problem about notify not working properly with older 7.x clients.

Well, as all things software, 4 months is an eternity.  I was asked today about this issue, and in the meantime we’ve found that this particular situation wasn’t as widespread as originally thought, and even at sites where the problem appeared, it was limited to specific PCs.  And indeed, since GroupWise 8, SP1HP1 was released in January, we’ve had no further reports of the problem from any of the originally affected sites.

So, if you are planning on upgrading to GroupWise 8 and keep your GroupWise 7 clients, SP1HP1 for your backend is your best bet all around anyway.  That said, the sites that did experience this found that reinstalling the GroupWise 7 client on the PCs solved the issue.  While we originally said that upgrading to the 8.01 client was the only way around it, obviously something was just “broken” (highly technical term) on those PCs, and reinstalling the 7.x client would also fix whatever the issue was that was resolved with installing the 8.01 client.

Happy Tuesday (gotta be better than Monday!)


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