What’s New for week of December 16, 2013

This is our first “what’s new” post for the GroupWise Administrator Resource membership site.  Each week I will be creating a “what’s new” post that will actually be updated throughout the week, and then I will send out a weekly (or perhaps bi-weekly) email to the membership summarizing the changes.  You can always see “What’s New” by accessing the item from our site menu.


New Wiki Content

We have kick-started the membership with a plethora of wiki content.  Please note that while we have a lot of new content here, there is still some cleanup of formatting and addition of screenshots to do.  We appreciate your patience!

New Webinar Content

2013-12-10 GroupWise Mobility 2.0 Overview

New How-To Video Content

GroupWise 2014 Initial Installation


Since the site is new, there are no new items in the Q&A section.  Remember that we are not attempting to replace sites like forums.novell.com or the ngwlist.com, but rather tackle member issues that need more thought and consideration than might be available in those venues.

Members Log Analysis

Don’t forget one of the top benefits of your membership.  Upload your logs to us monthly (any day you choose, but only once a month please, unless we ask for follow-up).  Go upload your logs now here.

Other GroupWise News of Interest

Here are a few blog posts/articles/etc that caught our eye this week.

GroupWise:  Change your Mind About Frequent Contacts – by Dean Lythgoe


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